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Fishing with Mick and Kyle McMahon Day 2 7/27/19

by Capt Juls on 07/28/19

I hit Mazurik's at 5:20 and waited for someone to show up, who would be willing to back me in, since my crew was out on South Bass Island. I didn't have to wait long, before fellow Capt., Tony Hernandez, showed up with a friend and offered to help. Thanks, Tony!

I headed out of Mazurik's in the dark with a light SW wind. I wasn't worried about not being able to read the waves in the dark, since I knew they were going to be 1 foot or less at that time in the morning.  As I approached Ballast Island, where I entered to go around the island, the sky was lightening enough that I could see things much better. The nice thing about that time of morning, is that there is absolutely no boat traffic yet, so it was a nice peaceful ride over there.

I had texted my crew and told them when I left the dock, so they could be there waiting for me when I arrived. And, they were. Right on time. I picked them up at 5:45 from Put-In-Bay, and headed back out east of the island.  This time though, knowing it was going to blow a little harder as the morning progressed, I opted to fish between Kelly's and the Bass Islands, instead of running miles to the east of Kelly's.

We used the same program with the dipsies as I have been using, and the silver with blues are still out fishing anything else I put on. I know the bait shops can't seem to get any silver with blue, so if any custom guys reading this can tell me why that is...that would be great. lol  I don't get it? "Match the hatch" they always say, and what matches the minnow hatches around here better than a silver with blue schemed spoon? 


We caught a ton of non-target species along with their two man limit too, so they were kept very busy. They said they had fun too. I told them though, that if they came back again, that they would need to stay on the mainland. I told them, that with the SW wind, we would have probably driven over to launch out of Huron, had they not been on the island. It would have given us a lot of great areas to fish right now.

I doubt very much I will approve anymore island pick ups for the above reason, unless it's in the spring and early summer. 

I am off today, and have rescheduled some regulars for tomorrow, to next Saturday, because of the gusty, I won't be out until permitting.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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