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Fishing with Mick and Kyle McMahon 7/26/19

by Capt Juls on 07/26/19

I got to sleep in this morning. My crew wasn't expected to fly into Port Clinton until 8:30am, so I set the alarm for an extra hour and took advantage of some REM and weird dreams this early am. 

I had already gassed up the Ranger the other day, when I canceled my trip, so I didn't have to make that usual stop this morning. I did have to stop at Rickard's though, because I needed lots of ice.  The Wisconsin crew consisting of a Father and Son team had me pick up some groceries for them, and beer, for their trips today and tomorrow, so the extra cooler was going to need ice too. I thought I had enough, but it was melting fast in the afternoon heat....and, it got hot out there when the wind died around 1:00pm.

They caught their limit and only one of mine today. It was a slow bite, but close enough together to keep them interested and watching the dipsies for a telltale sign of fish. And, in between the walleye bites, they caught plenty of sheepshead, white perch, and white bass too.  

Standard size 1 with the ring is what I black. The three setting today was set at 65/70/75 and the zero setting was best at 60 back. Speed was 2.4-2.7mph.  I have heard more than once today though that some were catching at even faster speeds...upwards of 3.0-3.5mph.

I tried the new 3 5/8" spoons sent to me by BS Kustom Lures (Steve Helmuth), and they worked well. You can see a picture of them on my biz page...just scroll down the wall. They outfished the Ripplin Redfins today, but a simple silver hammered "Michigan - Scorpion" spoon probably caught the most fish. :)

I will be launching early tomorrow, so I can pick them up from PIB in time for a sunrise on the lake. And, hopefully, the early bite will be better than it was after 10am. Well, either way, it will be cooler earlier and more, there's that. ;)

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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1. said on 7/27/19 - 09:43PM
I was surprised to see no algae bloom in your pictures. You haven't seen any over by you?

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