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Fishing with the Jordan Crew 8/10/19

by Capt Juls on 08/10/19

I was supposed to fish with Brian Jordan and his sons, Brain and Brad, yesterday, but with the wind forecast what it was, I asked them if they could fish today instead. They said they could, if I could pick them up from Kelly's at 8am. 

I left Mazurik's at 7:40 and hit the island marina on time. They were ready to go and climbed in the Ranger when I pulled up to the dock. I made the usual morning, "get to know you" chit-chat as we idled out of the marina. I turned the boat and we headed NE. 

As we got closer to a big pack of boats, I could tell my guys were getting excited. I didn't have the heart to tell them that we had a much longer ride to do yet, so I said...with my arm stretched out and pointing to the horizon..."We're going out there. We have about 5 miles to go yet." They settled in and we listened to the ETEC purr as it breathed in and out of rpms as we rode the trough.

Once the Helix started marking some fish on a regular basis, I came off plane and deployed the Ulterra and the baby E-TEC and set up on a SE troll, so the waves were on one corner of the boat. 

Once again....the usual program, but this time, all Ripplin Redfins were on the dipsies. Speed with the crank program is 2.2-2.5mph. Faster with just spoons.

The dipsies on the zero setting were set at 50 and 60 back. 

The dipsies on the three setting were set at 85 and 92 back.

We ran two Off Shore boards off each side too. The port side started with two Bandits...100 back on the outside board and 85 back on the inside board, and the starboard side had two Bay Rats set at 125 back and 115 back. The Bay Rats caught 2 and the Bandits caught 1. 

After we moved up to make another pass, I switched out the Bay Rats for Reapers, and the Bandits for #11 Flicker Minnows. The Reapers were set at 100 and 85 back and the Flicker Minnows were set at 100 and 85 back also.  The reapers caught 2 and the Flicker Minnows caught 2 or 3.

The majority of the catch was on the dipsies with Ripplin Redfins. I did put on a silver hammered "Scorpion" spoon on one of the 3 setting dipsies, and it caught fish too. So, what did we learn here? It didn't matter what crank they saw...they ate it. :)

We had a nice steady bite of really nice "eaters", which wasn't too fast and not too slow, so my guys kept busy and had a great time.  We took a nice easy ride back to Kelly's after the 24th fish was put in the cooler. 

I'm off tomorrow, but will be back out Monday. My big brother, Jack, who is in Detroit on business, will be staying with me Sunday night, and then fishing with me and two of his work associates on Monday. He will be the first family member to go fishing with me here on Lake Erie, so I'm looking forward to it! Monday's weather is looking fantastic, so it should be a great trip.

Like me, he loves chicken livers too, so I'll be making those for breakfast instead of hitting up Big Bopper's that morning. ;)

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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