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Fishing with Marc, Grace, and Triston 8/5/19

by Capt Juls on 08/05/19

I told my crew to meet me at Mazurik's at 6am....and, they were only a few minutes late, driving in from the Cleveland area.  I've fished with Marc for many years now. He first starting fishing with me about 6 years ago. Last year, he brought his daughter, Grace, for the first time, and she loved it, so now he fishes with her instead. Grace brought her new boyfriend Triston along. He's never been fishing, and was looking forward to catching his first walleye.

Both of these "young adults", are the kind that would make any parents proud to have raised.  Triston caught on to using the dipsies pretty quick and was helping me a lot by checking baits, often. The banter between Marc and his daughter was delightful to listen to, and made me smile.

If you haven't read any other of my reports recently, then here is the info posted in them. It's the same program I've been using for several trips now...

#1 Dipsies w/Ring: Zero Setting 50 & 60 back. The Three Setting is set at 85 back.

The "Extra Deep" Bay Rats in Blue/Orange Belly, Purple Chrome, and Cheap Sunglasses at 95, 105, 115, 125 back behind Off Shore inline planer boards.

Speed is 2.3-2.5mph sometimes at 2.6-2.7mph.

As for a most know, I've been fishing the east side of Kelly's. The water there isn't messed up from the algae bloom yet, and fish are willing to bite. There are ton of fish out there, and Helix proves it time and time again, so just drive until your electronics show you some good marks, and set up on them. It's pretty much...that simple right now.

It was a fun morning. We had our 24 walleye in the some throwbacks and "junk fish", by 9:30, I think.  I don't usually look at the clock to see how fast we get done, but my customers always do...and they always giggle when it's relatively fast. So, when Marc commented on the time, I took note. ;)
It was a gorgeous morning too. We watched a beautiful sunrise under mostly clear skies, with an air temperature of 70 degrees. The wind was 8 mph out of the west. The NE rollers from the day before were diminished to nothing with the calm wind we had overnight. The lake was 1-2's out where I was, and a little calmer down inside, closer to the Ohio shoreline.

They all had a good time, and I'm sure we'll be seeing more reports from Marc and Gracie....and, hopefully, Triston too. I liked him, and hope he gets to go again in the future.

Tomorrow, I am fishing with Bruce and Nate Hezlep. The first time I fished with Bruce, Nate was only in 3rd grade. Now, Nate is a firefighter...all grown up! 

The weather looks perfect for the morning, with a light and variable wind, clear skies, and a temp around 68 degrees in the morning.  I hope the fish are still biting like this tomorrow!

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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