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Fishing with Cheryl and Diane 7/14/19

by Capt Juls on 07/14/19

Today's charter was delayed a bit, so the north winds could lay down. I had two ladies fishing with me today, and I thought it was a better idea to wait for better conditions. Cheryl and Diane met me at my house at 7am and we drove into town for some ice for the coolers, before heading on over to Mazurik's to launch. 

We launched at 7:45 and headed north out of the ramp area, and on up to the Canadian line. We set up with my usual 4 dipsey/spoon/Ripplin Redfin program and set out two Bandits behind Off Shore boards.

The marks were okay, but nothing to write home about. We caught 4 walleye up there before I decided it might be better to move to another spot, and see if we couldn't find a bigger pod of fish, so we packed it all up and took off to the east. 

I eventually ended up in a spot that I had been fishing in early June, thanks to a tip from a friend in a big yellow boat, that told me that fish were being caught there this morning. So, I found my old track on the Helix and set a course to run it, from west to east. We set the baits out again. Cheryl and Diane picked up easily on how to run and read the dipsies, and started putting some fish in the cooler. A little over an hour later, and we had another 14 in the cooler, to finish out our three person limit.

They had a very good time, and so did I. The conversation was easy and very enjoyable today. When I brought them back to my house to get their car., they said they wanted to come back and do it again....and, that makes me happy! :)

Dipsies set on the zero setting were run 47 and 55 back and the dipsies with the three setting were run at 49 and 65 back.  The silver/black Ripplin Redfin caught fish, but the other's weren't, so I took them off and experimented with different spoons until we found a couple that caught consistently. The red-headed wonder bread (because I don't have a black WB spoon), and one that is orange on the skinny end, silver in the middle, and green on the tail end, with an antifreeze underside were the hot spoons today.

Speed was 2.3-2.6mph.

Tomorrow's crew consists of a husband and wife team. We will be launching out of Mazurik's at 5:30 am. I am thankful tomorrow is Monday, and the ramps will be normal again. I hate weekends here in the summer....way too much traffic and stupidity....deep sigh. 

The forecast for tomorrow is calling for light SSW winds....less than 10mph, so it will be a great morning to go fishing. 

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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